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The comments make clear how a beta version is really to be seen.
At this point my apology for disproportionate criticism.


A lot of the code base had to be upgraded as performance of the app was getting worse with newer Macs (2016). A change in the newer graphics cards was slowing the app down so it required a big re-write to make it future proof.

Wow, thanks.

Blocs has a knowledge base now, it’s searchable rather than just having a static set of docs like version 1.5 had. There have been countless additions to this knowledge base since its release last May.

Blocs 2.3.2 will be release early next week and 2.4 is in beta for the next 4 to 6 weeks. It’s completely optional. We test it in house but think it’s good to let the community help test it to make sure it’s as stable as possible.

You mentioned you don’t know how to code, you may find Pinegrow a little complex as it’s a tool designed for people who can write and understand code. As for bootstrap 4, its still in alpha once it moves to beta it will be phased into Blocs.

Im very happy to refund you immediately if you wish, so you can go and buy another app that better suits your needs.


@norm, thanks Norm for letting us beta test the new Blocs. It’s a great way to learn the new features and give feedback improving Blocs.

@Kilian, Norm stated this is a beta and always make a backup! You don’t have to participate in the Beta testing, just keep using the current version. I feel it’s great to be able to help in the develpoment of this app. It’s going to have bugs…its a beta.

If you want to try this then go ahead, and if you have some problems then just report them so Norm can continue to improve the app.



@norm You are doing an absolutely sterling job. Releasing a beta to forum users is always a bit of a risk from users who do not understand what a Beta is, but the big advantage is that the real users will bash it about and find issues for you. This is a much better strategy than having a secret group of Beta testers who don’t really drive it too hard which is what happens with some other Apps.

I don’t think it was ever clear that 2.4 wasn’t a Beta.


Fact: New Code = New Bugs. Of course you can be like a few Dirs of Eng I have worked for in the past and avoid it by leveraging, leveraging, leveraging… but when I look back, none of those companies are around anymore.

I am not actually using Blocs at the moment, but following the progress with interest. Development is moving fast and bugs are inevitable at a time of significant change.

It strikes me that Blocs is moving in a good direction and a few bugs at this stage will ultimately lead to a better design app through feedback.


@Kilian so you’re downloading a test version in the very early stages and moaning it’s not the finished article!
Use the stable version man!!
We are happy to test and report to help @norm to polish the little jem.
I’m moderating my comments.


Killian, blocsapp isn’t perfect. 2.4 is a beta.

The software or the developer doesn’t deserve the comments that you have made. Norm has been generous with his offer of a refund, so that would look like a good option.

I’ve made several small websites now using blocsapp and the clients have been delighted.


Beta testing is the fun part, and if you don’t like the fun of helping make a great product better then ‘Betas’ aren’t for you.

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