Undo in Code Editor

Hello @Norm,

With the last upgrade I loose a function that I use a lot, when use the code editor, I change the code that I’m working on, but if I make a mistake, I do CMD+Z and the code undo for the last thing that was write.
Now nothing happened when I do a CMD Z inside the code editor, can you please have a look?

Thanks a lot

Does anyone experience this too? Or is only me?

Sorry to bother with this subject, but can someone please answer me?
Is there a problem with the undo and redo in the Code Editor or not?

@Norm can you please help me? Or @Eldar or someone please?

Hi @Pealco

I have just checked and I confirm that there is an issue with Command + Z in Code Editor. I would recommend to submit a bug report via the app.

Thank you @Eldar I create the ticket as you advise me. It was the first time… LOL

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@Norm I try in the Blocs 3.2.0 and apparently is fixed this issue, is that true?

I am having the same problem in 3.3. Not able to undo changes made to values for margins & padding in the class editor.

Undo should be undo. Everywhere. I trust software to work, if it doesn’t it costs me time.