Unintended right 'margin'

Hi there.

I’ve been working my way through a couple of projects to learn Blocs and in both projects I’ve managed to create a right ‘margin’. Can anyone explain what this area is - and what I might be doing to create it? It’s not something that I’m trying to do - so I must be selecting something I shouldn’t.

Any help appreciated.


It’s like I’ve managed to create an extra scroll bar within the window/browser!

I don’t think its un-intended or even a margin. I get this. When previewing scroll to the left a bit and should be fine and text etc should be centred bang on

Hi @douglasrthomson

In that last image in Blocs Preview, the lower indicator (in blue bg area) is a horizontal width resize icon. I asked Norm about it & that’s what he told me. It’s there if you want to horizontally resize the preview window, otherwise ignore it. Make sure you are on the most current version (currently 3.0.6)


That’s the resize handle.

Are you using edge to edge blocs?

I’ll have a look again tomorrow to see if I can find what I’m doing wrong. I’ll post the Blocs file if need be. Thanks for the replies.

Hi Bill

Yes, I realise now that’s what it is. It’s part of the interface. Sorry, it was confusing me.

False alarm. User error.

Thanks for your help.

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I make a post about this with a video. I think its a safari bug