Update video background gone

Hi. When I started blocs this morning there was an autom update. Now suddenly the video background on the Hero won’t show anymore on the preview. Not the preview in blocs and not in the preview on my browser. Any suggestions?

I’m the only one with this problem?

Is one of your pages a PHP page ?

No, it worked fine. Suddenly after the auto update this morning it doesn’t work anymore.

Hello @r_botman, are you able to recall your previous version you were running on prior upgrade? It could have something to do with the bootstrap upgrade.

I only have the working old version online

Nobody can tell me what is wrong?

Do you get any errors in the browser? Have you tried removing and re-adding the video?

If I recall correctly there was a time when a plain PHP page inside your project stopped playing background videos on other pages also.

@DerekDigital do you remember?

I just removed all and added the file and video background but still the same. It doesn’t show the video anymore

Send Norm a bug report.

Thanks Pete, will do that, but afraid it will take a long time for a reply as @Norm must be very busy with the new version of blocs we all hope will come out soon


The video I use in my homepage header doesn’t preview in Blocs or in any internet browser, but it exports fine.

The other issue that I have run into with video and Volt CMS, is that the Blocs projects suddenly become very memory intensive. I often get system errors telling me that I’ve run out of memory as I open the Blocs project. I have to close every other app and then try again. Saving a project also takes forever. I often go and do something on another machine while Blocs processes everything.

At the end all issues you experienced had nothing to do with Volt CMS :slight_smile:

Like the video background not playing, which was somehow triggered by having a plain PHP page inside the project.
@Norm somehow background videos not play when having a PHP page inside the project.

Thats correct, Blocs uses the built in MacOS php server and it restricts video from loading. Im hoping to move to something that addresses the limitation in future.


Ah…so @InStacks @Norm, if i use Volt then i take it no video backgrounds will work? (or any PHP pages)

What if i have background videos on a main website and then have a subdomain with a PHP page…i’m guessing this is a whole separate folder and would not upset the main site?

As long as I know - I can work around this, just done a few pages with background videos on and want to bring in Volt at some point too and possibly some php pages if I want to expand the sites.

It’s not related to Volt CMS. It’s just related to a PHP page, possibly another page in your project.

As Volt Blog must be a PHP page, this comes together.

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After export the video background still works in my project. Only the preview doesn’t work

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Thanks Jannis - that cool.
Thanks for getting back to me.