UPDATED! Hairapartment website

Hey guys, check out the updated website of hairapartment. Everything including the pictures are made by me. What do you think?


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Your sites are getting better and better! One issue I have found is the menu close icon. For some reason, it only clickable when you hover the mouse directly over the center of the close button. Other than that, great site! Love simplicity!


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thanks eldar. I did change the close button. now it should be working fine.

I think that’s probably the most stylish site I’ve seen made with blocsapp. A pleasure to look at.

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A site that delivers exactly what’s promised on the label - hairstyles! A nice clean site, great photography and stylish graphics. It also looks great on mobiles - love it!

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Love it! Good job! :slight_smile:

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Looks slick.
But the footer is left aligned on iPad in Safari

Hi thank you guys. i appreciate your feedback. I’m happy about it.
@apswoodwork Thats correct, because the text is to long for iPad. for seo it is not very helpful, to duplicate the footer with the same text. so i did it left aligned unfortunately.

A well thought out and executed site - good job! :slight_smile:
The only thing I had issues with in Safari is opening up your image gallery images of the staff & clients (thumbnails)? When I hover over it the “+” appears indicating to me there is a lightbox image? After I click the “+” no image shows, and the browser jams up when I try and scroll.

oh no. @Norm it seems it is a bug?

I can confirm this behavior.

Does somebody has any idea?

I’ve tried to see if I could create the error/bug but with no luck so far. Are you on a Beta OS?

Awesome site indeed,I love the simplicity and easy flowing layout,viva blocs all the way

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