Updated my Site

Hi Guys, hope you are all fine and safe. During this long quarantine I have updated my personal website, please check out! I would really appreciate your feedback.



I entered this site and the thing I can tell you - it’s too damn slow, man. Try to make your site faster. There is a lot ot tools to make it. You see - nobody likes slow sites. Try to do something with your photos, for example. I think they are the problem.

P.S. I like the very design of your site, though.

That´s strage, I live in Argentina where the isp are damn slow and still here I have a fast loading speed, also I test the site on several metrix sites and I got a very good overall.
Thanks for your appreciation

I figured out that blocs loads the images that are inside a modal when the page is loaded and most of my images are showcased on different modals (80%), average images are 50/100kb.
Is there a way to load the images only when the modal is toggled?

It was very slow for me also, sorry to say.

Good to hear too, blocs lazy loading feature seems not great, I will check how to show images only when they are rendered. This will improve the loading speed singificantly

I find that I have problems when anything in that selection box is switched on (Lazy loading, minify-whatever, etc), so I always just switch everything off. It may have been just one site that was troublesome, but I can’t say I’ve noticed any great difference between on and off.

Im having some issues with that too, but overall the site loads on my devices and browsers at 1.2 seconds, Its a 4.5 mb site, so I think while I find a solution to improve the speed its not a terrible thing

That’s fast compared to what I experienced. I’m on about 60mb download and it must have been about 20-30 seconds before the page even started to load first time around.
Now I’ve visited there, it’s cached and about 2 seconds.
This is all on my mobile.

FYI @chicuelo

I really like your design, nice work. (interesting product you have, I wish I understood the text).

My experience in New Zealand (Obviously not your target region) I get around 900 down 400 up on my fibre connection.

The first load is very slow, and revisits/reloads are rather quick as expected.

Clean load approx. 20seconds


Thank you guys, this is very helpful. I really dont have this issue and its strange, I have a 6 mb coneection and loading the site over 4g also loads fasts (no more than 3 secs).
I will se how could I change the way the images are loaded

@DarthSidious @TrevReav @Malachiman , I updated all the images, reduced sizes and weights. Its less than a half now but trying to maintain certain quality. The whole bunch of images are under 2 mb
what do you think guys? I know I will improve the loading time by delaying images on the modals, but I don´t know how to do it with blocs or another way. That will be the best upgrade. If you have any tip it will be great

Cleared cache and looked again on desktop - There was a flash of the top nav bar for a split second then a wait of about 12 seconds with a plain white page until it loaded, so yes, faster than previously.

Less than two seconds to me without cache, both mobile and desktop. Safari chrome and firefox, what a strange thing

The previous post was using Safari. Just tried Chrome and a partial page loads, then after about 10s the preloader, then about another 10s for the full page to load.
I realise things are a bit slower at the moment with everyone working from home, but here’s my results from Speedtest.net so you can see it’s not that poor (not that great either).

Thank you trev, I really need to figure out how to lazy load the carousels inside the modals.
Its not a big site. Thanks

Where is your site hosted - just a thought. It takes at least 20 seconds for me — all I get is the pre-loader after a shirt while then eventually the pages. Personally I would click away from your page. Far too long to load. Just feedback. I think you are probably loading images from browser cache. I have a very stable 75 Mbps downstream too.

@Hypnoman I am in argentina, and here I load my site in less than 2 seconds (so in other country I assume to be faster). Don´t know why, it´s not my first blocs site and all the images are optimized, I am using svg files in most cases, and so. Maybe a blocs exporting bug? The whole site it´s 2mb, its strange to load a 2 mb site in 20 seconds.

@Norm could you give a look. thanks

Have you tried… deleting your site, then exporting without the pre-loader to let us test how that goes?

with no preloader: https://chicuelo.com.ar/wo-preloader/ (works fine, but double animation as blocs does always)
my loading time at first:

with no minify or lazy loading export: https://www.chicuelo.com.ar/wo-minify (here I get double animation, scroll issues and a padding on bottom)

my loading time at first: