Updated Site

Greetings and excellent year 2020 for all! I have updated my website, I would like to know your opinions!

Mi Sitio



Looks great on iPad.

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It’s very nice,
one question in the site Refracionaria you have a search by brand and then a filter with year, etc. did you do that in Blocs?

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All sites are made in blocks and exported in php, once exported, work the msql database and the php code to make it work just like the page layout and its manageable panel, login etc.

I can’t read a single word of it but it looks GREAT on the iPhone :+1:

Well done!

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Good work.
What did you use for the text slider on the home page?

you mean this section…use the owl carousel from @Lucas

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Owl 2 is now abandoned code. Hasn’t been updated for 2 years. I still somewhat use it, mainly because its very good and easy to implement. Even without the Bric.

It has been replaced by Tiny Slider

Demos are here


Hi @Malachiman
What is the difference between using the simple but restrictive and outdated Owl brick, and tiny-slider which will need me to work out where to add the bits of code? It does look fairly straight forward tho.
I’ve ditched the complex but super-slick Masterslider as it involves too much coding that I don’t understand, and seems to cause conflicts with BS4.
Can the transition time be controlled (slowed down ideally)?
Can the slider have either cards or a div with a head, paragraph and foot (text only) for my feedback slider?
Thanks to people like you on this forum, and your sterling advice, it opens up options for other Blocs users.

I haven’t used Tiny-slider in a live site yet. I loved Owl2, well because I knew how to use it quickly lol. The Owl Bric does work as it is intended, I used it in a project, but then when I wanted to make some modifications, I couldn’t change the code. So I removed it and manually coded it. The Bric is solid though and a credit to the Bric developer.

Some one else has also asked, so I will make up an example project and share it, so people can see tiny-slider in action.

EDIT: Here is an example of it working. Obviously not styled etc.

TinySlide_Example.bloc (1.4 MB)

Looks good!

This page, give you some examples and the code to apply


Yes. It’s probably the biggest advantage of not using the Bric and coding it yourself. The slide uses Divs. so you can put images, cards, text, buttons. What ever. If you look at the above example project I posted and have a look at the code you will see what I mean.

I’ll look over it tomorrow (UK).

@apswoodwork, Here is an example with Headings and paragraph text plus a button in one of the slides. You could do background images etc. by applying custom classes.

TinySlide_Example_2.bloc (1.4 MB)

Hi Pete.
This looks similar to my previous attempt in altering the code in Masterslider, but with not a lot of other side to add.
Their sliders are very slick but I can’t work out the editing easily, the js and css files to add are mind-blowing, and theirs seen to conflict with Bootstrap 4.
I could edit on their paid for online editor, but it’s too time-consuming and over my head!
Their controls over overlay text sliding in/out and having a title staying put is clever, along with controls over the transition speed, but in a furniture maker and I can’t glue that!!
I’ll work out how advanced I can push TinySlider now; it looks much easier.

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Cool. I just used bootstrap cards. But you don’t have to. For testimonies you can just have headings etc.

I’m still experimenting with it myself. It’s very flexible. More so than Owl2

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Why do we need https://bootstrapbay.com/blog/day-13-bootstrap-4-cards-tutorial-and-examples
since Blocs already can do this?

I’m struggling to control the slider height. I want 1 slide showing in the bloc width at a time, with a formatted card within.
I can get 1 panel at a time, and I can format a card within, but the heights jump all over the shop.
Once I have a slider with a card formatted in showing one at a time, I think I can work out the autoplay, pause on mouseover, loop, speeds etc, and add text to each card I keep adding new ones, hopefully.

@apswoodwork try using the d-flex class on the main div that wraps the slider.

@KBConcepts, sorry I don’t know what you mean?