Updated website with Blocs

Hey guys,

Thoughts and constructive feedback is appreciated. Thanks


The first thing I noticed was a typo “acheive” in that green block of text on the home page. That block looks curiously out of place on the web page in terms of styling as well. There are always typos when a site is complete and some kind of spellchecking is essential.

Notice how you have awkwardly placed wording here when viewed on a desktop and this is the sort of thing that needs to be checked site wide at all breakpoints for best results. Fortunately Blocs makes this pretty easy, but it still requires that extra bit of time and attention to ensure the formatting flows well.

The rest of the page below that looks pretty good and the overall feel of the website would give me a sense of confidence as a pet owner. It’s quite a big site in terms of pages and I imagine it was a lot of work to complete. Unfortunately I don’t have time to go through every page in detail.

I was actually contacted by a local vet back in 2018 that had a horrible website and it was downright embarrassing. I think they asked a dozen designers in the area for quotes including myself and I never heard back from them. Out of curiosity I just checked and they still have the same horrible old website.

Thanks @Flashmanfor taking a look. I will attempt to make some adjustments to the call-to-action green box and see what I can do.

PS - Good catch on the spelling mistake