Updating Blocs

Hello everyone

I have the version Blocks v.2.6.2.
When I start the update it does not work, it says: “Can’t make a temporary directory for the update download at /Users/…/Library/Caches/com.Blocs-2/Sparkle/Blocs 202”

I would like to go to the new version 3 of Blocs which will be available in the next days, but I think that I must first update my version to v2.6.5

What can I do ? Can you help me ?

I would try deleting Blocs from the apps folder and downloading the trial from the home page https://blocsapp.com. It should automatically recognise your license.

The current version of Blocs is 2.6.4, but I don’t see why you would specifically need that for an upgrade to Blocs 3.

Ok, i will try this, thanks you !!

Take a look at this first it might be better to wait. Update 2.6.5

Its required. 2.6.5 has an upgrade button to get your discount.

Thank you all !!
I was able to upgrade to version 2.6.5 and then to Blocs 3!

very excited to discover the new Blocs 3 :slight_smile: