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Hi …
I have a question. Not easy to explain. Is here a way to use a upload function ? But not only a field with the upload option. Because my client gets a lot of uploads and the people don’t name the upload files correctly … Is there a way to use the contact form and a upload function … and when all the fields are filed correctly the client can use the upload field too … then my client get a email with all the information and the uploaded file. but how to handle this ? the file size via email is to small …?!

I don’t know how to handle something like this …


Nobody here how can help me :slight_smile:
I think a solution could be that there is a form with a name field and a upload function. And when the upload starts the file automatically gets the name from the name field. So when the client don’t give a good name for the file, after the upload the file has the name from the name field. Is something possible with some js or php ?
Thanks Tom

Hi @tom2

This is not a simple request and problably the reason why you have not received any answer so far.

Have you already set up your upload function and just trying to find a solution for the automatic renaming or are you looking for the whole solution ?

Here is a link that may prove useful:



thanks a lot for your help. I don’t understand how I can put that together. For example when I write a php script and for example a js script. How can I get it to work within blocs? A lot of question :smile:
I will check first the Link you send me

and about your question … I am looking for a whole solution. Do you think you can do something like this ?
tom :thinking:

Is this what you are asking about?

or more like this?

Hi @Tom2

Probably I could manage however this requires quite some time especially if you are looking for renaming files on upload. This goes beyond a simple help request. However @KBConcepts has provided some interesting info you may wish to dive into for further information. You can also look at the support documentation as to how to implement additional css and js data.


Hi @KBConcepts
Thanks for your help. Yes, I think something like this. But with the problem of change the file name when uploading :thinking:
But thanks for your help

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