it will be nice if me as a user can suggest or upvote new features

1 feature I will really like to have is the functionality similar to RapidWeaver where I can easily publish my site to AWS or ftp server etc.

any advice on how can I create a feature request or upvote existing feature requests


You can do that already. Just create a thread under the Wishlist category. If people agree with your idea they will like it by pressing the heart symbol and Blocs has seen a significant amount of development based on user feedback.

There have been times when I have made a suggestion and it has been implemented within hours. At other times it has appeared with a point upgrade or major release. In 2019 Blocs 3 saw 150 new features added, not bug fixes, but actual features and more has been added since then.

I am perplexed by your interest in publishing to an FTP server, since that has been possible since the beginning by exporting to a local folder, then using an external FTP client to upload. There seems to be a general consensus among more experienced users that few would welcome the headaches found in Rapidweaver’s own built in FTP client. I used RW myself for a few years and found the built in FTP impossible to rely on.

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thanks flashman