URL pointing to PHP snippet

Hello all,
I came across this little problem…

I need to point a button-action to a url containing a php snippet. The snippet is this:
• <?php siteloklink('ExecutiveSummary.pdf',1); ?>
But when the page is compiled by Blocs, I get this:
• a href="<?php siteloklink(‘ExecutiveSummary.pdf’,1); ?>" class="btn btn-rd btn-gray-htmlcss-gray float-lg-none btn-block “>”>Download</a

I removed the starting < and ending > (I do not want the forum to try and execute the PHP…)

Which means that this: https://www.MySite.uk/login/ is added and the link does not work.

My question is how do I stop Blocs adding the extra code in front of the PHP snippet?

Grateful for your help,