URL targets for blocsapp pages

In blocsapp I can scroll-to a target on my current page but I can’t reference targets on any other page.

I understand that scrolling to targets after switching pages is a problem, but…

I’d like to see blocsapp show blocsapp targets when navigating to a URL, or to another blocsapp page.

So, in navigating to a URL I can either type in my URL or pick from a list of URLs that reference potential blocsapp targets To reduce the number of targets, you could just reference custom bloc names - this would encourage good practice.

Alternatively, navigating to a blocsapp page could offer targets as well as the basic page URL.

Currently doing cross-page targets is a tedious experience to say the least.

I’d also suggest this would also be appreciated by a lot of blocsapp users.

I do it this way:
Navigate to url:

But it doesn’t scroll. It just goes there.

Thanks Bootsie. I know how to do it, it’s just way more tedious than it needs to be.

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Agreed. :wink: