USA Road Trip Holidays

Hi everyone,

My website has been up and running for about a year now. We specialise in USA road trip holidays (not a great business right now but never mind!). The trips are self drive holidays and we use the website to inspire potential customers, we do not take bookings on the website.

I find that Blocs is great for someone with no programming skills and for making small, frequent changes to improve the site and add new content to it.

I would be happy to hear any comments about the website.

From what I’ve seen of it without a link it’s hard to fault.

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that make me smile ! :rofl:

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Its a deliberate plan to avoid negative comments about my site! Haha, thanks - I shall add a link now!

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Added to my original post:

haha!! Ill remember that one !!!

Sorry to hear too that things aren’t good business side with you at the moment too - I am in the same boat as many are.

Over 30 of my friends have all lost their jobs in the last 2 weeks in my industry (events) so its a very worrying time. Hope things pick up.

Yes, we’re in good shape financially so we are lucky but a lot of businesses are not surviving. We’re getting good bookings for 2021 and even 2022!

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One initial observation is that you have too many areas with that same tone of green. It’s there for icons, more info buttons, list points and headers etc, then your links are green as well. This is bad for conversion because calls to actions are not clearly defined. I would also make the paragraph body text larger for easier reading.

Thank you for your comment, very helpful indeed.

I have only had a quick glance as in a poor wifi area at the moment (10 meters from the beach!) and its looks great.

This is just MY opinion, and might be so different from yours and others.
The one thing I do like to see a lot on websites is a small introduction from a business - this could be a headline, or a small paragraph. You do have this on the bottom of the home page, but i’d like to see that paragraph as I come into your website before the sections for the holidays.

But in general I do like it a lot.
. I would make the paragraph text larger as mentioned above. But I like it ! a lot of work has gone into it - nice one.

Thank you for your comments. I have been playing around a little with the order in which items are shown. I always wonder whether it is best to have holidays or an intro near the top of the page!

I will try larger text as you both mentioned and I am going to try the links in red as @Flashman suggests. I really appreciate the comments!

Very nice!!!

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Thank you, I appreciate it!

I think overall its a nice site.
I really don’t like the animation on the front page slideshow. I think it would look more professional with just a nice fade in. Maybe think about trying to word them with a more consistent look.

I also think on some of the cards you could reduce the white space. This would help shorten the page.

Nice work!

Thank you very much for your suggestions, I will definitely look at the text animation on the first page - this is something that I have never been completely happy with either.

The space you talk about is something I can’t resolve. The trips are all cards, I have tried to reduce the white space as much as possible but I have two problems; firstly I want the cards to look uniform, which means I need the description area to have the same height. If I do this, some will have more space than others depending on length of the description. Secondly, when I look at different devices, such as mobiles etc they need to use the additional space give enough room for the description on the narrower screen. Any help on how to fix these would be gratefully received.

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Hey, just had a quick look and looks so so much better, the colours on the buttons to me look much better and more defined as being different from the icon colours and brings the company colours much more into it.

The description at the top is much better - in my opinion anyway! My view on websites is like its your shop and the first thing you do is greet the visitors briefly and then let them browse the goods.
Im a sucker for old ways ! but thats just me…as I did say - its only my opinion, others will say different, but in my view its much better - nice one !

Thank you. I agree, I prefer the buttons to be red, they are much clearer now.

Just noticed on mobile the footer links are not central to the header of each section, not sure if you wanted them like that ? - They look ok, but looks off to me with the header being central.

Hmm, that was like this for mobile breakpoint only. Not sure why but I have corrected it now (will upload changes later on today). Thanks again for your comments!

Looks great

If you want to add online booking functionality, is immensely powerful if set up right and absurdly cheap.

I’m not an affiliate, just a very happy customer