Using Blocs as a Powerpoint

Is there any way to use a Blocs project as a replacement to the likes of Powerpoint?
I need to supply a few salesman with a version that they can look through with potential customers without access to Blocs or the internet, and on any device ie a slideshow that can navigate across pajes and topics

You can, but it not easy. It’s time consuming.

You can use the snap scroll feature of Blocs combined with full screen blocs. This is an effective way of creating a presentation suitable for browser viewing. However, a simple alternative may be to create a Keynote presentation (or import a powerPoint presentation into Keynote) and then export it as HTML. The resulting presentation can be viewed in any browser, or it can be embedded into a blocs webpage. You can see an example of an embedded presentation HERE (scroll down the page to the section named On-Line Presentations)

@hendon52 what a cool website. Is this one of your designs? Do you know if a KeyNote presentation once converted to HTML if it is responsive?

That’s a very cool idea @hendon52. I do use keynote to make animated gifs lol.

It’s broken on mobile though.

That’s strange - On the latest Android it works just fine. See screenshot attached:

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Yes, it is one of my designs but it needs updating so it’s a little out of date. The HTML output from Keynote is responsive. However, it may not be responsive across all devices/OS versions. As @KBConcepts has noted, it doesn’t seem to work on his device. Generally, it appears to work on most Apple devices and certainly on the latest Android OS.

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That’s pretty impressive!