Using Juicebox

I have been struggling for several days trying to embed a Juicebox html snippet into an HTML Widget. Not only can I not make it work but the snippet never seems to be saved when I export the site. I’m really struggling with Blocs due to almost nonexistent basic documentation from the developer and lack of easy to follow videos. Help! PS, moving from iWeb so that will give you an idea of my coding abilities. :frowning:

I am not familiar with Juicebox, but I think @apswoodwork could probably point you in the right direction. There is actually quite a lot of documentation for Blocs if you go to the page and search for features

I think you would probably benefit from watching the videos of @Eldar. He has both free and paid videos

Have you tried here or here?

I was going to get juicebox once but their limitations on URLs put them out of the running.

Loved iWeb :slightly_smiling_face: Wish Apple kept developing it.

I’m not at my MacBook at the moment but I’ll paste the code I use.
It’s super easy tho.
Use the iframe code in a code bric,
Save the juice box export to a folder and add to public_html root on your site host and use this folder/index.html address in the iframe code.
I’ll add screenshots tomorrow.
Gallery in iframe

Instructions for embedding options are here…

In Blocs I would place a Code Bric. Make sure you untick preview for the code bric in the side panel. The I would edit the code bric with the code from the help page.

I haven’t used JuiceBox, but I would be look at the bit that talks about “Using baseUr”

Hi @currymac .
This is how I set up my Juicebox files.
Make a folder for each gallery export and upload it to the root folder on your host.


Add iframe code to a code widget bric.

It should show yup ad you work in Blocs.