Using RSS feeds with Blocs

Since very recent I have started to work with Blocs instead of a CMS like Wordpress or Drupal. The application itself works for me and setting up a site is very simple and intuitive. There is one thing however that I cannot seem to manage and that is using RSS feeds in a website.

I tried so many variations and to me it appears now that it is simply not possible to embed an RSS feed into a bloc and style it in such way that it looks nice. This has probably to do with the fact that you need a module or something with code to convert the xml feed to something more simple to read.

My question is if anyone has experience with this and more important if there is a way to use RSS input to create, let’s say, a news topic page.

Any input is much appreciated.

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I haven’t tried it in Blocs yet, but I have a client that uses: to get their feed into an iframe. The site allows for some styling, but not a huge range of options.

Thanks, I tried this but it is a little limited…
The problem I experienced was with images and general layout in the iframe.
Centre the labels of the header sections and equally sizing images was something I really miss.
Besides that, what happens when RSS Dog is getting out of business?

It should be perfect if there was a bric like for .


I found some PHP script that is the RSS Parser: Script. It’s not quite 100% working version because of fault of post limiting function. If anybody can modify this and debug, it might be very useful. I would be happy either! :stuck_out_tongue: Using it require a manual editing of your RSS feed file. How to use it?

  1. Create an empty php file with some editor eg TextWranger and place the PHP code inside. You might modify a little this code to your needs, eg. Line 3: address and name of the xml feed. Save it eg as rss.php,
  2. In Blocs app put the HTML Widget Bric: to the page and edit it -> paste the code:
<?php require('rss.php'); ?>
  1. Send your project to server with additional file - rss.php and of course with your rss (xml file).

I checked it and it works. The PHP script requires some modifications and adding some Bootstrap tags for formatting but it is not that hard to do it.

Regarding the Images in the blog - read please about the Enclosure tag in RSS and the Bootstrap responsive images: Enclosure

And the Bootstrap responsive images, the new forum users, as I am, can’t put the more than 2 links to posts. :wink:

Thanks to professional php programmer, now I’m the owner of 100% working version of such a script. Now with eg Rss Builder - free RSS feed editor for Windows I can edit the RSS feed and display it on the webpage.


I am not experienced web developer and no PHP experience, I like Blocs due to drag and development web design. Can you please post instructions with your PHP script on how to add RSS feed in Blocs page

Hi, @rsachdeva Do you have a problem to create and edit your own xml files (rss)? I do not understand your question. The necessary instructions are a couple of posts earlier…

Hello everybody,

I found interesting solution using javascript on the Github:
I will test it too, just for the case … :wink:

For the first - it not reads the rss feeds, only the ATOM feeds. What a shame … Is here any person skilled with javascript editing to modify this script … ? :slight_smile:

I’m on Mac, and am using to grab and modify the RSS feed of a Tumblr blog into my personal webpage. You choose your preferences, choose ‘get embed code’ and then cut and paste that into an HTML brick. Done and done!

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