Utalizing lightbox chocolat as custom embed


The old version of Blocs before it was rewritten had a lightbox that functioned differently.
I’m looking to use custom embed HTML of Chocolat Lightbox (or something similar) that are activated after you click each “thumbnail” or my snowboard/ski designs. I’ve attached an image of intended layout at the bottom for reference.

Chocolat Lightbox URL http://chocolat.insipi.de/

Why? you ask?. The Aspect ratio of skis and snowboards don’t lend themselves to displaying on computer screen. to Appreciate the time and detail to these objects that were designed to be viewed at 190cm tall in real life while being extremely skinny in design I need the functionality for someone to zoom in and view details. My goal is to click on each thumbnail. An larger image is displayed. zoomed at a certain percentage, and the image reaction to mouse movement up or down, left right etc. Clicking again or clicking on an X or pressing escape to exit back to the thumbnails and viewing the other skis. I’m not familar with coding, However i have contacts who are and am curious if this functionality is even possible by using the custom embed options in Blocs. Trying to know which rabit hole to go down. If there are other options or this is not possible. . what’s important to know is that i don’t want the zoomed container to be limited to the size of the thumbnail, thus what i liked about seeing Chocolat took over the size of the screen as many Light box’s do.

ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! I previously bought lightbox for this functionality but was too busy at the time to build my website and implement it.

Thank you!