V5 publishing issues

Please bear in mind that I am not technical…!

  1. The Blocs recommended protocol of SFTP doesn’t work with Kualo, maybe because Kualo requires ‘passive mode’ to be selected. Does anybody have a suggestion for which of the other three protocol options is most appropriate?

  1. The dropdown box for publishing the full site or just changes comes and goes, apparently randomly. Is there a reason for this? It would be so useful to have it always available!

Hi Ian,

I got FTP with Implicit SSL working. Here is what is needed if you are hosted on a linux server that has Cpanel

Make FTP account in your Cpanel hosting account and set the path to public_html

In Blocs enter your FTP credentials and set the path to / and nothing for the port, and make sure passive box is checked.

Next try to connect and see if it works.

The full site or only changes drop down disappears when ftp is the connection. I don’t know if the ftp setting only uploads changes after the full site is uploaded once.

I’m glad that at lest FTP is working for me, I’m hoping Sftp gets fixed soon.

Thanks for that @calibinder I’ve got publishing working, but it takes some time as it does the whole site every time, not just my (minor) changes.

I don’t know if this is intentional by @Norm or if it’s a glitch.

Likewise with cPanel and SFCP.

@Norm ?

Ian, a small check box will allow you to upload the changes.

CleanShot 2022-11-27 at 10.41.55


Thanks @casey1823, I’ve seen it, but most of the time it’s just not there, hence the question.

Just this second made this screenshot…

That’s strange!

Partial upload is SFTP only.

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I just verified that when I set my project to SFTP, the Full Site/Changes Only button came up and the Changes Only upload option worked for me.

Just discovered that!


  • can that be applied to non-SFTP uploads?
  • or can SFTP uploads be made to work with cPanel, if that’s what the issue is?


Yep, me too, my issue has become whether SFCP can be compatible with cPanel (which it seems my host Kualo requires) :thinking:

Otherwise it’s wait until the entire uploads every time, which is SO boring!

Got it working. :clinking_glasses: Phew.

I can use SFCP with partial uploads on cPanel if I use port 22007.

I’ve no idea if that’s a global fix, or if it just applies to Kualo - that would be well beyond my pay grade.

Setup is host dependant. There are default ports for things, but they will often be different for security. Eg, my host uses a different port number for SFTP than yours.