Version 4.2.0 and FontAwsome

Hello all,

I have just installed V4.2.0 and all my FontAwsome disapeared from the site (and the prevue). Previous version of Blocs was fine and I have not changed anything :slight_smile:

Any ideas what to look into?

Many thanks,

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Sounds like Security / Gate Keeper may have quarantined Blocs or limited it.

Try deleting it and re-downloading it directly from here.

Thank you! Will try it…

Unfortunately, it didn’t work:

  • Deleted Blocs
  • Siera does not give an ‘anywhere’ option in the Gate Keeper
  • Used sudo spctl --master-disable
  • Gate Keeper accepted the change
  • Installed Blocs from the link you kindly provided and unfortunately, FontAwsome are still missing


If you create a fresh project and add an icon does the icon show?

It does! :hushed:

Hello Norm,

OK, I 've figured it out! If I select Combine all CSS at the Project settings, FontAwsome gets zapped!

I am not an expert to know why this is happening so for the time being this box stays un-checked.

Thank you and all the best,


We will continue to track down issues with the newly introduced features and hope to have the first beta of Blocs 4.2.1 available later this week to sweep up any remaining issues.

These are minor issues! You do a fantastic job and I am very respectful of your hard work, the quality of Blocs, its capabilities and your support.


confirmed. This happens at my project too.

Confirm same problem with me.

Now it makes sense why my hero bloc’s arrow disappeared during my export last night. Will keep an eye out for the update.

Folks there is indeed an issue with the new combine CSS function that causes icon fonts to break. This has been fixed and will be included in Blocs 4.2.1, which should hopefully be out before the end of the week as a beta.

In the meantime, simply turning it off corrects the problem.


For those of you who are Mac users, I employ a simple procedure before updating any software.

I find the app in the Applications folder, right-click and choose “Compress”. Now the app is still in the folder, but there is a compressed version (safe from being upgraded). There have been times when I’ve needed to delete an updated app that has messed something up badly, and then unzip the previous version of the app in question so i can get back to working. I can’t tell you the number of times this has saved me much grief.

Here’s what’s currently in my Applications folder where Blocs apps are concerned.


As you can see, I still have the Blocs 4.11 version, so until this bug is rectified and past the beta stage, I will be reverting to this zipped version. :slight_smile:


I guess that’s all of us :joy:

But the tip is awesome, thanks a lot!