Vertical Tabs

Hello Hello!
Question: Is it possible to make the tabs from the tabbed content on vertical? like this one?

Yes, it can be done. To try it just copy the html code from the site and add it to your blocs page through the HTML bric. Whilst the code editor is open, copy the CSS and place that in the code editor between Style Tags. Finally, copy the javascript and add it as page code but be sure to place it between Script Tags. It then works in blocs just fine. If you want to change the styles, just edit the CSS code.

You can build it with Div Brics too if you want to visually build it and use custom attributes to add the on click.

@hendon52 / @Malachiman trying to do something like this

I can always use this code and build those rows in blocs and after add the code from blocs to the html right?

@Stewie_Griffin. You probably want to also use a Bootstrap 4 version of this…

That will work! Thank you! Do you have on the forum any page will all those info? I mean where to look for handy stuff like this one: I always get lost on google lol