Video Background not loading once Published

for some reason it loads fine offline but once uploaded doesn’t play in safari or chrome. Video has no audio…

please can anyone help?


Hi Rob @robcrouch

Your video is big: 6.2 MB - you would need to optimise it.

I also see it is called no audio.mp4 - which appears to be self-explanatory as to why there is no audio.

You may use an online video compressor.


I thought 6.2 mb is relatively low? and there is also a second video much lower (1mb) that also doesn’t load.

Also, sorry yes Im aware there is no audio, I want it that way, just wanted to explain that’s not the problem.

Doesn’t Safari block autoplay of media by default nowadays? Also worth pointing out that it probably won’t work on tablet or mobile and you would see an image instead.

doesn’t play in chrome either… and its not blocked in safari offline.

Hmm, it’s showing up fine in Firefox. I wonder if you have a cross origin issue where the video source is not where the browser expects and therefore blocked. I’ve seen this with fonts and had to alter the htaccess to allow it.

Just published an export with just the

And it is visible - so there is something either wrong in your file or on server side.

I just tried it in Brave, which clearly shows that autoplay was blocked by default. This is based on Chromium: 71, so it has the same core as Chrome.

Which version of Blocs are you using ? I have looked at the CSS file and the default styling is different form mine in Blocs 3?

Yes I’m using blocs 2…

I can’t work out where it’s goinf wrong as it’s not being blocked by the browser offline… also over websites play video backgrounds fine.

I wonder if it’s a server issue but I only have the one server to test it unfortunately.

ok I just tried the same website exported from blocs app 3(trial) and it worked fine! grrr

I have just tried with Blocs 2 and it works fine as well. I used the latest Blocs 2 update, i.e. version 2.6.5.

This is how appears the code for a video background:

The coding in yours is quite different. Thus are you using the latest Blocs 2 version ?

Only way to assist further would be to see the actual setup in your Bloc file.


Thanks for the information.

Hi Rob @robcrouch

I have just noticed that the video is now up and running in Chrome and Safari. Would you mind sharing what was the final solution/issue ?


It’s not working on my computer. I cleared the cache, but no change.

That’s because you’re looking at the original site link.

Here it’s live and working:


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OK that works now.

Ouch … when Time the magazine sees your use of its logo you or your client are going to be getting a letter from their lawyers. I would recommend changing it now and saving yourself sleepless nights and heartache.

A friend of a friend started a company called Blaze lights, selling bicycle lights. Another small company in the US threatened court. FoF had to change her company name to Beryl after two years’ trading.

I thought the same thing when I saw that.