Video background now working on Chrome and Firefox

The video background works in blocs preview and Safari but does not work on Chrome and Firefox. It’s not just the video background, it’s any time the video is used it doesn’t show on Chrome or Firefox. Clearly the video and path are all correct as it works in blocs preview and Safari browser.

What’s up with this?

I’ve got the same problem with my background.
Whenever I add a code for the background color, Chrome & Opera are stuck on the preloader.
I added the following code to Page Setting and changed the color code to #94aec5

Safari and the preview open the site in a second, but the rest won’t.
When I delete the code, the background is gone, but the browsers all open the site.

Same problem.

This happens only in chrome, chrome disabled the video backgrounds… this could solve with a HTML5 Player

@Norm you can help us with this problem.

I have this problem only on my smartphone’s chrome, even in desktop view

I solved my problem by changing my code to ‘footer’.
I placed it in the header section with the closing < /body >
as soon as I replaced it to footer and deleted the ending to the code, it worked!

I’m sorry but I did not understand.
I tried to put it in Page setting in footer but nothing happened.

Hi @Eldar, you solve everything but this thing is about Chrome …
But it’s not normal to have to enter codes to make a mode like a background video work!

Moreover, many are designers and not programmers!
How would you have solved it?


I checked your website, and it looks like everything is fine in both Safari and Chrome? Not sure what you are asking?

anche su mobile?

I have the same problem, the video Background works find on safari but google Chrome’s not, is there any way to hack this chrome restriction on auto play videos? There are plenty of sites that can do that