Video Flashing?

Has anyone had any issues with video flashing on and off? It started happening to me this evening. I’ve alerted Norm but wondering if anyone else has had this issue. It happens across the board from the build to the Blocs preview and then in preview mode using a browser (Chrome for me). Solis is also showing an on/off flash when I click on the video container.
I quit Blocs and rebooted my Macbook Pro but it’s still there.
Really odd
Mac OS is 10.14.5 (18F132). Blocs app version is 3.3.0
Any ideas or pointers?
Thanks in advance.

Have you tested this with more than one video? I’ll be adding some video later today on a project using the same OS and app version.

I had about 6 videos loaded. All of them now have the same issue.
The first one was setup as a custom class and then I duplicated that to make up the others. My Home page is made up of frame grabs of the videos that point to the actual link from Vimeo.
I’m baffled by what’s causing the problem.
Any help is appreciated.

I have one here working fine, but the video is locally hosted on my own server. It’s just a straight mp4 video.

I was bleary eyed when this started to happen last night. I need to revisit the custom class and make sure there’s not something out of order there.
Do you have the capability to link to Vimeo or YouTube?

I figured it out. I must have left the values for the dimensions at “0” in the “Hover” mode. When I removed the “0’s” to a blank slate it fixed the issue. Good heads-up though for anyone else who is experimenting with that process.
I’ll let Norm know to kill the ticket I created last night.