[Video] Optimizing text for mobile devices


I am finishing editing the new bunch of videos covering the mobile optimization for Blocs Core Training video course. I will add all 7 videos to the video course page this week, but meanwhile, I wanted to share one of the videos with Blocs Community.

I noticed that a lot of users do not optimize their text to look better on tablet and mobile, so I hope this video will help somebody.


Well done. I don’t use the project settings as much as I should but I think I might use it more now. I’m a class guy!

Looking at Bloc sites for reviews there are a lot of designers that don’t spend the time to optimize for tablet and mobile. In my opinion it’s one of most missed things I see. Just look at your sites google stats to see how important it is.

Looking forward to watching the new videos.


Hi @Eldar,

Congratulations on your continued releases of adding too an already great resource for new and experienced Blocs users. Beyond the existing Blocs documentation your “video tutorials” should provide users with the ability to get up and running with Blocs quickly while easily creating top quality responsive websites utilizing their own creative skills.

Your overall effort and commitment to these BlocsApp “video lessons” and “training resources” are surely a blessing to the overall community and @norm’s app. I’m sure the Adobe Muse users find them invaluable also when seeking out an “Adobe Muse Alternative”, along with new designers just starting to get into web design on a Mac with Blocs.

Keep up the great work, thanks for all you do regarding the the Blocs Community.


Thank you Eldar. No matter how much time I have spent using Blocs, I always learn something new and important from your videos. I didn’t know that if you changed the text settings in the main project manager window, that it only affected the view you’re currently in. What a time-saver! I have been creating custom classes to handle that up till now. Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing the other 6 videos! Warm Regards, Randy :slight_smile:

PS: did you happen to see my latest completed Blocs website? It’s now live and you can view it here:


Thank you! Excellent tutorial. The mystery is over!

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Thanks you, guys! I am glad my videos are helpful!

@casey1823 I absolutely love the ability to adjust the default settings for elements via Project Settings. I hope in Blocs 3 it will get even more useful! And, yes, I agree that mobile optimization is very important these days!

@Blocs_User Thank you for always supporting my work! Users like you are the reason why I continue to create content for Blocs and its wonderful community! I promise I will only continue to improve and help as many ‘Adobe Muse’ switchers as possible! :slight_smile:

@Creative I have been doing the same at first. @norm is doing a great job adding more and more awesome features, but the thing is there are still a lot of hidden features in Blocs, that many users don’t even know about.

@ViaWebDesign Thank you! I would be happy if you share with me some other ‘mysteries’ you might have. :slight_smile:

You could probably make a weekly Blocs ‘Quick Tip’ with just a screenshot and minimal text. But I wouldn’t want you to catabolize your paid video course offerings. But indeed the hidden little nuggets of goodness is what many seem to struggle with (regarding all software).

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Sounds like a cool idea!

Great vid but for some reason it ain’t working has advertised for me. Changing Text size via Project setting isn’t working out, on the other hand changing them manually seems to work, so what am I doing wrong?



Did you set the typography settings in the sidebar as well? If so, you should reset these settings first, because they override the settings set in Project Settings. You can do that by clicking on the small ‘x’ button.



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Hi Eldar,
tried your recommendation, still not working Via project settings.

It’s difficult to see what’s causing it without taking a look at your project. Did you try to edit the classes via Custom Class Editor?

I understand. Blocs isn’t exactly what I expected, it’s very lineal thinking, something creative thinkers need to adapt too. I’m not a big fan of overly structured environment doesn’t leave room for dynamics free flow something that is missing from Blocs. As I go along mobile Optimization I’m finding myself facing other obstacles like image and HTML Optimization which aren’t working out as expected or as advertised. I’ve spent the last +/- 2 weeks learning Blocs, I’m hopping I’m not going to spend another 2 weeks too finish up optimization.

Mmmm… Could you specify what problems you have with image and HTML optimization (which are not working as advertised)?

HTML code for Call to action Call is set to +3 (text size) fine for desktop, not for mobile and reducing it to +1 changes on both tablet and desktop. Bric Images set in row do not scale for mobile or for tablet. Like pretty much all website builders when things go wrong best option is to close the app, I tried that same issues persists. I set up a new blank page to which I applied the Text optimization as per your vid ended up with the same results. As for classes well we don’t have any other choice then to add classes to adjust padding and margins to text, images… so on and so forth. I’m fully aware that size adjustments must be done by hand, I never expected Blocs to do it all by itself but most of the adjustments I tried so far haven’t worked except perhaps for the Column Row bric but I still have to create a class to adjust the padding on each bric added to the row.

I’ve been in the graphic design business for over 25 years from experience every web site comes with it’s own challenges and requests. Just last week a client requested a visualizer of which I still don’t have a Blocs solution for and god knows I don’t want to build the visualizer in the previous builder I used of which does have a Visualizer widget that’s actually quite easy to use. How much unpaid time will I turn over before I find a solution, I have no idea. Honestly I don’t have the time nor do my clients pay me to mock about trying to figure out what’s going on. I see the very real potential in blocs but it’s just not there yet. Meanwhile I’m still stuck trying to figure out mobile optimization, something that shouldn’t be all that hard.