Video overlay?

Hi all,

I would like to have a video overlay with a play button on the middle from a vimeo stream. I see there is a “poster” option on local/remote but no option on Vimeo or Youtube videos?

Thanks all.

Vimeo does allow you to upload your own thumbnail image. So you can create a thumbnail with the play button overlay as part of the image. You then upload it Vimeo.

When the video is displayed in your page, it will appear with your custom thumbnail.

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Hi @hendon52,

Thanks for the reply - yeah the problem I have is I did some old pages a while back on another builder/platform for a friend and we had an option of an overlay icon or image which we could give some opacity too - the worked great. They would send me several videos on YouTube or vimeo with the permission of the maker and they would use an icon over the top and it was great.

I have just done a demo page for them and they have asked for an icon on top again - I can do this on the old platform !! but want to do this in Blocs. Can’t see why this option is only in the local/remote but not on the vimeo/youtube - or an option to make an overlay where I press and the video plays.
Its a free thing for a friend of mine on this one - so just seeing if I can do it for him.

I think the reason that blocs provides the image overlay as part of the controls checkbox is that most local videos will not have a built in player interface. Whereas, YouTube and Vimeo usually has a player interface that allows you to choose to have controls or not. The idea is probably to stop conflicts in how the youtube/Vimeo controls are set. As I mentioned previously, if the Vimeo player doesn’t show the overlay, simply create a poster image that does include it. Just take a screenshot of your video poster and add a transparent play button image on top and export as a new poster image to upload to Vimeo.

Just wish I could do the poster image on vimeo/youtube as well as local. I can see the idea of the poster on local and play button, wish this was an icon too and can change via Font Awesome etc…

@Norm can the option of poster and icon from font awesome be brought into the video player on local and youtube/vimeo too.

@hendon52 is there a way of creating this over the video bric on Blocs - a simple image and play button in the middle? or create a whole overlay image and when it’s pressed the video starts without having to use Vimeo or Youtube for this? ive tried messing with custom classes but i’m stumped !

I have added here the 2 x usual options I see on another platform, i don’t need as many controls as this - BUT it would be great to have some basics than none at all.

You can basically modify the text image overlay examples you can find on here to achieve this.

I have a private custom bric I made for doing this on my sites, that opens a video in a modal. Based on this principle.

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I think @Malachiman has the right idea. Essentially, you can create an image link with an overlay and have that open the video in a modal.

The problem with what you’re trying to do is that it would make a bit of a mess if you try to overlay a play button image onto the actual video. As you can see from the screen grab below. Vimeo provides an interface that is already loaded with information and player controls.

So the only way around it is to create your own poster image that you can place on the page and then link it to a modal containing the video embed code.

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the replies - the video must stay on the screen and not jump forward on a modal as next to it we will have Vimeo Live chat embedded too on some of the live streams, and when its just a video play back once the event has finished we will take the live chat off, centre the video and create a unique overlay for this.

Another reason for the video not being on a modal is that my friend wants branding/logos around the screen.

I will keep playing!.. @Malachiman mentioned about modifying an overlay, which I will keep having a look at.

Thanks guys.

Bear in mind that a modal can contain anything you can put on the main page - for example, it can contain the video and the chat alongside or under the video. It can also contain the logos around the video.

Here is the thing @AdieJAM implementing features like that are not out of the box, and require development work. You’re also not restricted by the default size of the modals, you can make them full screen.

Hi ya,

What I might do is produce the main site in Blocs and the page i need video options I will run this from another platform as they do full changes and options in the plugin as standard. They 100% don’t want a Modal - i do think they look great, but the video needs to be running on the main page all the time and the user will go to another window for using a voting system online too - so will need to flick back and forth - if the way he wants to do it works, which it has done - just the little things.

I will devote some time over the weekend to take a look on creating a simple overlay on the video with a play button on the middle - press and the video starts. if not, I will go to option 2 of using the choice of 3 other platforms where this is easy to do out of the box. If this is the case - ill use blocs for the whole site other than the video pages.

I will find a way…i hope!