Video playback

Hello everyone, I do not know if someone knows how to solve a setback with a video:

I have a video that plays in Firefox and safari in automatic mode, but when I open the page in chrome the video does not play, does anyone know how to solve that problem?

This the website:


thanks to all

Try removing the lazyload option when exporting the website. It maybe that this option is causing a problem in Chrome. Make sure that your video is streamable.

I already tried, and even then it is not reproduced, I also found this code on the page, it already attached it but still it still does not reproduce … any idea?

For me it did not play on Safari or Chrome. I have the autoplay flag in Chrome set not to play, as well as the preference set in Safari not to autoplay. If your users have these options set then All they will get is a black screen, and will have to scroll down to get to navigation, or the rest of the site.

I have already checked the settings of the browser or settings, everything is fine but still the video is not reproduced in Chrome, in firefox and safari it is played in automatic except in chrome!

I do not understand why it does not reproduce, does anyone have any ideas?

I’m afraid I don’t know. Sounds like a browser prefs issuers me.

Videos play fine on various test projects, on various Macs at my end.