Video with Text

I’m trying to place a video as the header into a column 1 structure block. I tried putting it in the background so I can have text on it but my video ends up big and distorted. I tried adding a class to it and it does nothing.

I then tried placing the video into a video element inside the column 1 structure block which gives me more control to the video but still can’t place text on it.

What I’m trying to achieve is simply place a video at a specific height which I was able to adjust adding a Class to it and add text on top of the video. Also, I want to make sure there is no white around it. I made sure the gutter was unchecked and clicked on the secondary width so it should be edge to edge but I still see white around it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can provide screenshots if you need to see a visual. Thanks.

you will have a url or screenshot of what you want to achieve