Visibility Bug in Blocs 4?

I have a project (started in Blocs 3) which I’m now working with in Blocs 4. I have a 2 code snippets (Shopify buy buttons), one is centred and the other is left aligned. I have the left aligned buttons visible only in the larger 2 screen breakpoints and the centred only visible in the smaller 2 breakpoints. The products that were created using Blocs 3 work fine (even in Blocs 4). Now the client wants to add another product and anything made using Blocs 4, is not working properly. Even if I duplicate a product that works, the copied product won’t work.

It seems like now both code snippet (buy buttons) use the same visibility toggles. Either both are visible or both are hidden.

It’s tough to explain. Perhaps the pictures will help.

Hi there,

I’ve come across something very similar as I use loads of code brics in my projects. It might sound daft, but quickly double check the visibility settings of the container column/rows/bloc etc - that’s what often catches me out.

Thanks for the tip. I just checked and the containers are all visible in all breakpoints. It’s driving me to drink.

I’ve had the same thing happen a few times. It’s either on or off. I’ve saved, closed and restarted and it didn’t help. I can’t track down why, it’s not every time. The only thing I can do to get it working is delete the Bloc and start over.