:visited link style

Is there anyway of styling the :visited state of a link or button as this option is not included in classes


Try this:

  • Go to the class manager

  • add a new class give it a name like alink:visited (you can change the alink to anything).

  • Now add the class alink (without the :visited) to the button or link you want.

  • from class manager style the class .alink:visited (from class manger) the way you want

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately didn’t quite achieve what I was hoping for. I’am using a text link to toggle visibility but want the text link to still be visible, works ok in Safari desktop and mobile but when using Chrome or Opera desktop what you get is a line under the text link after you have changed its state. Don’t know if you have come across this before or what could be done


I have not gotten those results, I use chrome as my primary testing browser. Do you have a URL that you could show what is going on?