Volt CMS brilliant!

Volt CMS Blog Setup

Volt Blog can be used for many different things, like a blog for writing news articles, a FAQ page, or a product catalog.

Tutorial Video


‘Volt CMS Brilliant’

I’ll second that!


Thanks, I appreciate :smile:

I am just trying it out on a site at the moment :wink:


Just seconds ago, I purchased Volt…
(so prepare the support group…I think I will be asking a lot of questions) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


It’s excellent.
You won’t regret it @Mattheus , I’m using it, at different levels, on every new site I’m doing now.
@KBConcepts, I’ve also used it as a testimonials section on a page.


Purchased it a week ago. Trying to replace two blogs on my wife’s website (created with Foundry and TotalCMS). Been on a holiday, so I’ll start today watching all the tutorial videos again.

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Interesting. Let me know how you proceed!


This is great to see, well done @InStacks


It’s more powerful than I imagined. I also have started to use it for a lot of different areas on my client’s websites. I use it as I layout a new site. One of the hardest parts of a new website is getting content from a client. If a client can see the areas and can fill in the content themselves, it makes my job easier.



@InStacks would you make a tutorial or write documentation on how to password protect Volt CMS?
No sure if this has anything to do with Volt CMS, put please forgive if I’m requesting something outside of what your App could do.


I am using Volt-CMS and Volt-Blog, for a few projects, and working on some nice NEW projects right now. This is THE flat file CMS all blog users need, simple, and fast.


@InStacks hello!!!

I have a question, I’m about to buy but I have a few questions, about after export and have to change the pages…

I see in the video above that what you change in browser affects the Blocs App preview, how this works?

And for example I create a web page the client change and creates the blog entries, and later on they ask me to change the page, how I can reuse what they insert!

Can you please explain me?

many thanks


Like this one?

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The CMS content is only stored online on the server. Not inside your Blocs project.

In Blocs preview Mode, the online content will be loaded via JavaScript AJAX and displayed on the page. There is a setting inside Volt CMS to turn this preview functionality on and off.

In Blocs, you’re only changing the layout and the design of the page. You specify areas, where clients are able to insert content online.

The content will be stored online only, so after you changed the layout and design in Blocs and upload the export, you are not going to overwrite content.

Nice, didn’t know you had that

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One thing I haven’t yet tried is changing a layout from say two columns to three with various content. Presumably the first two are unaffected as long as you maintain the existing content IDs in the side panel.

One more thumbs up here for Volt and it’s getting better all the time. :+1:

Correct. These content area names / IDs are the link. With this, you would even be able to display the same content on different pages.

Is in our server, or is a Volt server?
Sorry for my questions…

On your server.