Volt CMS - Early Bird Access

Dear community,

as some of you already know, I am developing a CMS for Blocs App - Volt CMS. It’s dedicated especially for Blocs App and targeting the market of a simple to use and inline editing CMS system.
It comes without the bells and whistles of Wordpress for example. You are currently not able to create a blog with it. Depending on user feedback, this might come later.

It contains just basic text content and styling, image uploads, and photo galleries.
There is a clear separation between design (which is done inside Blocs App) and content creation (online, inside Volt CMS).

In addition, it is flat file, so no database needed. The content is stored on your server. It is a one time purchase without subscription, unlimited websites included, to make it easy to consume. It will cost 99€ (± foreign currencies).

The CMS system is now feature complete, and first beta tests have been successful. Therefore I am now slowly starting early access to Volt CMS.
How will that work? Just write me a direct message here in the forum, and I will include you in a early access users group. I will provide a discount for the first 10 users (first come, first serve).

For more info check out https://blocsaddons.com/volt-cms/ and http://voltcms.com.



Hello, I want to just put out an endorsement for Jannis (Instacks) and Volt. I realise as I’m new here my words carry no weight, as is right (respect is earned not demanded), but I build commercial sites for clients and use many addons from Jannis, they are all about the best in class.

Many of my clients ask for CMS, but with CMS comes power, and few know how to wield it! I find the Volt approach far better: You define the design and content areas, the clients populates these areas, getting to change them as often as they wish. Most of my client sites include such areas.

I’ve used Volt, in fact it and Blocs will soon form the platform for a new CMS solution I plan to offer to clients, and I can say it’s very good. IMO it’s offers just what you need in a clean and simple to understand interface.

I’m new to Blocs (I got it to work with Volt) so will be asking plenty of daft questions over the next few weeks/months/years, so please don’t judge my endorsement of Volt on my other posts :wink:

As I say, I’m not for one second making any claims about my own level of expertise in anything, I’ve been blagging it at this web building malarky for the last 20 years, but I do have a pretty good understanding of what clients (and so general users) want, and I think Volt is going to fit in perfectly.


Very exciting and will be useful. I do think that blog functions will be a very welcomed addition


Finally. someone working on a simple solution. Many web designers will look forward to putting this to the test. IMO though, I think it cost is way too much, even Blocs which can do so much more cost less.

Hi Jannis,

It looks very promising! Great work!
Looking forward to the further progress (blogging features will be cool).



Thanks for your comments.

I strongly disagree that a CMS system for 99€ for unlimited websites and no subscription is too much. Let’s take a web designer using Volt CMS for 10 clients. It’s 10€ per project. Other CMS solutions cost $99 per domain.

I am not a fan of cheap software. You get proper support, and it must be fair at the end for both sides.



Nice, good luck with the project! I’ve been working on something very similar for the past few days actually. I think this is a good way to go in terms of meeting the need for Blocs users.

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Nice work @InStacks.

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well done @InStacks, this looks very promising, special to be able to see the online content in preview mode, nice!


Thanks for your comments :smiley:

Yes, that was quite challenging to implement. I think this is a cool feature.

With this, the designer is able to make changes to the structure and design while previewing the online content.


Good luck, InStacks. I don’t need Volt yet but maybe one day!

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It is an interesting option for me. Not everybody needs a big CMS…Special for customers with small business could your Volt CMS a good alternative.

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There are still some places available. Feedback so far very good. Just send me a private message if you want to get involved.

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