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@InStacks. im being thick and need your advice, i have a lot of dates to put into a list using Volt CMS, however, even though i have clearly done it before, i cannot recall how to do it again.

Essentially i type a date and how many spaces i have, then press return, the line jumps with a gap between each date now, it doesnt go straight underneath like the original ones do (shown in the screen shot).

Totally my fault that i cannot remember or find the solution, and need to get these dates online.

can you advise please?

Hi @Recce43, you need to use a soft return (shift-return) or the icon in the formatting box 6 rows down, 3rd column, looks like a page with an arrow and a line through the middle.

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@TrevReav on the point :+1::smiley:

Of course!!! Thanks both, doh!!

Whilst on it though, is there anyway to do ‘tabs’ as well? With the dates added due to the text sizes the text down the page doesn’t align

Try a table.

That was going to be next choice, hopefully I can make the borders clear

Pleased that worked!
While we’re talking formatting, does anyone know what class to target to change bullet points?

Not a class, but a html tag:

li {

Cheers @InStacks I have some reading to do for such a simple thing!


And that’s why we love this forum!

Thanks @InStacks, I read that a little bit earlier today, but what I’m not sure of is how to apply the instructions to the list in Volt CMS.

You have to create a CSS inside Blocs. I don’t know if it’s easy to add a styling for a html tag, maybe @Flashman or @Malachiman know.

So not related to Volt, more to Blocs itself.

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Something like this?

There is also a style if you want to set an image.

Something like this from memory.

li { list-style-image: url();}


Hi @Malachiman, thanks for that, however it was the whole bullet point copy I was meaning.

I’m not sure if you use Volt CMS, but if you use a bulletted list, it can come out a different typeface to the paragraph copy above and below it.

Oh right, sorry. Yes I have Volt. But I haven’t done a list in it.

Add a class in the class manager called


without a dot at the beginning. And you can set the font style

Unless the content of the list items are in P tags they wont have the same styling.

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That’s perfect, thanks very much.

@InStacks Different site, adding a new volt blog to it, but ive lost the borders around my buttons??? any ideas on what ive done wrong, i followed the instructions in the PDF.

Please style the class


Which PDF?

sorry i PDF’d the page youve linked to so i could use it offline

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@InStacks as always your a star!! apologies for being thick, ill make a note of it for the next one.