Volt CMS - how to make the blog title not a h1 tag?

@InStacks The title says it all. I noticed, that Volt Blog makes the title of a blog automatically a h1, which I already have (and want to keep) on the blog page. Is there a way to have the title be something different, like h2 or h3? I can change tags inside the text, but cannot change the tag of the blog title.

Did I miss something (again)?

And while I’m at it… is there a way, when clicking on the back button, to have it automatically scroll to the bloc where the blog sits in? I have some text above the blog, and find it a bit cumbersome to scroll down to the blog overview every time I clicked on “back”.

Currently this is fixed to h1 in detail and h2 in list view.

I can add an option for selecting the headline tag in the next version update.

Will add this in the next version update also.


Thanks Jannis, that’s great. Thing is, in detail view I still have my header on the page on top, which contains a h1. So there’ll still be two h1 tags on the page, which … should not be. Looking forward to the next update(s) :slight_smile:

First time I’m implementing Volt, and it’s a lot of fun to work with. Will have to work through all the classes I can change to make it look the way I want… but man… very well done!

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Hi Jannis - @InStacks

I am making plans for the blog i mentioned the other day, and looking at this post by @pumpkin - I will be creating a large header on each page using H1 and just want the one H1 on each page, not sure if this has been changed as yet on Volt, but when it is changed, will there be an option of making it any of the H tags? H2,3,4 etc? I can use one of those just purely for the blog title.

Thanks Janis.

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Yep, it would be handy to be able to change the tags on various headings.

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Yes, you will then be able to define the headline tags for the blog list view, and the the detail view separately.

I am in the progress of preparing Volt CMS for Blocs v4 (small adaptation of Font Awesome icons), and will then also add this setting.



Brilliant - thanks Jannis.

I just need to say this; not only provides @InStacks us with a fantastic tool: Volt… but also with great service. Just like @Norm!!


100% agree @Mattheus

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