Volt CMS on Existing Template

Can you take an existing Blocs template and add Volt CMS to it?
How would you make the existing content editable?


3 step approach:

  • add editable content areas to the pages and publish
  • copy and paste the existing content to the editable areas online on the server
  • remove the existing old content from the Blocs project and publish again

You can do above also on a test subdomain first and use the online content later on the real domain.

Wrapping of existing text content directly in Blocs is maybe possible in Blocs 4, let’s see.


@InStacks, that’s basically how I do all of my sites - whether right or wrong!
I start with a static, no CMS site, to make sure it’s working properly, then follow your 3-step approach.
I’m not confident enough in my abilities to go straight in with the Volt bits.

@TrevReav that’s all fine and sounds good. If/when wrapping of text content inside Blocs (4) will be possible directly, you will have a simplified workflow.