Volt CMS - Volt Gallery Carousel

Anyone know if it is possible to remove the nav ‘lines’ at the bottom of the Volt Gallery Carousel images ? Maybe I missed or tick a box.

I thank-you

With CSS only:

.carousel-indicators {
    display: none;

Great CMS you are building.

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Another question.
I have a site that is using images 1500x 1500px.
Sometimes a slideshow, sometimes 1 stand alone image.
With Volt - we have 3 options.
Flex, masonry, carousel.

I chose carousel also for stand alone images. Should I be choosing another solution ?
My customers should be able to replace them themselves.

How can I hide the nav arrows ? I have tried a few googled css solutions.
.carousel-prev-arrow {
display: none;
.carousel-next-arrow {
display: none;

I have tried also a few others. Thought I would ask.


Depends if you want to display a slider or a grid gallery with a lightbox.

.carousel-nav-controls {
    display: none !important;

Thank-you. Solved my problem.

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I’d like to add different links to each image that I’m currently adding a Volt CMS Carousel. But when I select an image, the Link icon in the toolbox remains greyed-out. Is this not technically possible? Or does anyone know of a work-around? Thanks!

Hi Derek,
it’s not supported currently.

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Thanks for the swift reply @instacks.
Just making sure I hadn’t missed an option anywhere.