Volt CMS - Volt Gallery Carousel

Anyone know if it is possible to remove the nav ‘lines’ at the bottom of the Volt Gallery Carousel images ? Maybe I missed or tick a box.

I thank-you

With CSS only:

.carousel-indicators {
    display: none;

Great CMS you are building.

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Another question.
I have a site that is using images 1500x 1500px.
Sometimes a slideshow, sometimes 1 stand alone image.
With Volt - we have 3 options.
Flex, masonry, carousel.

I chose carousel also for stand alone images. Should I be choosing another solution ?
My customers should be able to replace them themselves.

How can I hide the nav arrows ? I have tried a few googled css solutions.
.carousel-prev-arrow {
display: none;
.carousel-next-arrow {
display: none;

I have tried also a few others. Thought I would ask.


Depends if you want to display a slider or a grid gallery with a lightbox.

.carousel-nav-controls {
    display: none !important;

Thank-you. Solved my problem.

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I’d like to add different links to each image that I’m currently adding a Volt CMS Carousel. But when I select an image, the Link icon in the toolbox remains greyed-out. Is this not technically possible? Or does anyone know of a work-around? Thanks!

Hi Derek,
it’s not supported currently.

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Thanks for the swift reply @Jannis.
Just making sure I hadn’t missed an option anywhere.

Anyone got any ideas what’s going on here?

The Volt CMS Carousel behaves fine at larger break points. But on smaller break points the left side of the photo is hidden, appears when the photo slides in/out, and then disappears again.

I’ve removed the single column structure bloc and added the Volt Gallery bric several times now. But each time the result is the same.

Blocs v.4.5.2 / Volt Gallery 1.9.0

Is this inside a blog post?

No. It’s on page of the site.

CSS bug, will fix soon.


Thank-you @Jannis :pray:

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