Was I just hallucinating?

I could have sworn that I have copied a block from one page to another (or new page), but in trying just now I can’t figure out how I might have done that.

So is my memory of doing this just a specter of my imagination?

Right click a block and select copy to another page.

Hmmm… that was the first thing I tried.

You need to have a multipage project and select duplicate, you should get a pop up to select another page.

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“Duplicate”… that’s it!

Thanks Norm.

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I’m using Blocs 1.6.2 and right clicking only brings up the bric options buttons on the bottom- is there a way I can copy or move a bloc or bric to another page in this version?? Or is there a separate forum for this version of blocs?

Sorry its not available in 1.6.

You can duplicate a bloc then nudge it up to the global area then back out onto the page you require.