@Lucas I can’t seem to access www.weaverskingdom.com. All I get is this -see attached.

If you click on Lucas’s profile it shows the website as Archetypon.

I think you want this page:

This has long changed, please visit https://archetypon.net
Swiper page is here: https://archetypon.net/brics/swiper/

Hard to find since there is no Brics menu item in the navigation. Why’s that?

The menus do seem a little unorthodox, but it’s no hard to work out where all the brics are from the swiper link.

OK thanks.

IF you know that link, yes. Still wonder, why Lucas’ Brics have no own menu item to make them easier accessible.

When I looked at his website my first thought was he doesn’t build brics for Blocs any longer.

I agree it could be more convenient and would probably help sales. At a guess, this could be a temporary issue and @Lucas has not yet had time to fix it.

Yeah, like… how many years now? :wink: