Webflow or Blocs

Hi – As a Muse user who has become Adobe 'roadkill (get it?), I’m looking around, and discovered both Blocs & Webflow, and while the obvious difference is Blocs is a stand alone app, and Webflow is in-browser editor, do folks here have any other important distinctions to share? Thanks in advance…

Hi @DanielF,

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Perhaps someone can offer their experience between the two, but …

I would advise since you are coming from an app that you are familiar with and now looking for a replacement for what you have been using. Simply set aside time and try each, both offer Free Trials. I say this because software features and user interfaces can be a very personal thing. So finding what works best for you is important, one or the other may be right for you and fulfill your needs.

You can also first glance through the Blocs documentation.

Or see some sites made with Blocs, to understand what is possible and beyond:

If you try the Blocs 7 day Trial and then have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us. Again Welcome.

Yes, great advice, and what you’ve suggested is what I am consuming before beginning a free trial, with the desire to maximize my free-trial period. My need is for transitioning to a product for my own personal website, as I’m not in the web design field. I do love learning new things, and will embrace which ever product I choose. My current Muse site is what I’m hoping to recreate, in particular how I’ve used the panel widgets to put a lot of content in a small space. www.danielfactor.com
Thanks again!

Might want to check out the getting started course from @Eldar it’s free 14 videos


Smart idea.

If its only for your own site, then Blocs might be the better solution if you can accomplish what you desire. So you would have more control over your process and maintainability, etc.,

Toggle Visibility might possibly help

Thank you! Will do… :slight_smile:

Awesome…but, what does this mean? Why more control with Blocs vs Webflow?? A truly beginner question, I’m sure.

And thanks for the links as well, I will explore those too. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.

I just meant since its for you, a singular website, it may make more sense to buy an app verse an ongoing online service, etc.,

Thanks for clarifying. I do tend to favor owning rather than leasing…and I prefer having the app loaded on my computer rather than accessing it via a web browser, which is how it appears Webflow works, as I’m not always able to be on a secure network, which are both pluses for Blocs over Webflow. That said, on first glance, Webflow does appear to be further down the road in development and capabilities…so I’m still debating. I appreciate your replies very much!! :slight_smile: