Website charge very slow

I wanna know why my website charging so slow, specially with the imagines. I have quite a lot of pictures on the pages becasue there are lot of people implicated on my project! Each photo is arround 50kb so it should be fine but it isn’t! So what to do to make it faster?

  • Make sure Preloader is unchecked in Pjt Settings
  • Make sure that you are are not trying to set a specific size for the images in css classes, as that forces the browser to resize each image, which can get slow w/ a lot of them.

A link is always helpful to look at things.


Thank you for your answer! Sorry I forgot to ad the website
Lost on You
I follow @Eldar video course so most of my images are made with a button and a custom class

but I have other like this with a number on the wider. 300 to be exact

The Preloader is unchecked now!

It opens pretty fast here. No problems at all opening the home page or artists page for example.

Oh well for me it doesn’t and I have the faster internet in france hahaha :smirk: also with my phone. I talked to a friend of mine who is a programer and told me that I needed something like a robot file to make them faster. dunno! all I see is them charging one after another and if you go on releases they take also ages.

Are there supposed to be images on releases? All I saw there was text. If I click on the links the images load quickly.

how quick? could you make a screen video please? there is no image only text and when you clic the imagen appears

another question! why blocs doesn’t allow me to make them to fade in? that option despair from my program!

That’s annoying, it won’t show dropbox links. I’ll send it to you as a PM.

since we’re talking performance don’'t forget to run some tests.