Website for DJ/Producer


Yes a great looking site.

I agree with comments about the logo being too intrusive on the guy’s face. Things that might work are:
Try an overlay black (%30) on the first image to give more drama.
Add some animation or delay to the logo so you see the face first.
Use a 2 column Bloc and offset the logo to the side.


Looks good.

Is there a way in Blocs to imbed a music player, so user doesn’t have to leave site to go to Soundcloud, etc? It would be nice for musicians, etc to provide a good player that might include the ability to download music files, display covers and lyrics, etc.


@soundog Hello,
If a streaming service have some embed code, you can simply paste that in a HTML widget in Blocs and get a player in your page.

A quick example.


@Jakerlund … awesome, thanks. I’m getting ready to design a singer/songwriter page for myself soon using Blocs, so that tip will come in very handy.


The Logo over the guys face is not at all acceptable.

It might be an idea to displace the logo and tagline to the left and add some text to the right over the back of the guys head.

I don’t know this guy and it’s a bit disappointing there’s no attempt at a Bio, etc.

The page name (page SEO name) should include the guy’s name and definitely not show as just ‘Home’.

The icons are a bit big, I think.



Hi! Thanks for you input, I will take a look at it as soon as the DJ has given me his feedback aswell. :slight_smile:



Thanks. I will most likely replace the image, but haven’t gotten any from the DJ yet. :slight_smile:



Thanks for your input. The image is just an example, I will replace it as soon as I have got another one. And the site is not finished so I will change the SEO name etc.