Website Publishing Workflow

Hi there,

I’m tinkering around with Blocs every day and it’s so much fun that my actual work is left behind :wink:

So there’s one newbie-questions I couldn’t really find an answer for in the forums: What is the best way to update content / publish changes once you’ve made the changes in Blocs.

So far, my workflow is very clumsy and there must be a better way:

I delete my old exported site on my computer.

I export the entire website to a folder with the same name.

I connect to my server with an FTP client (I use Cyberduck)

I synchronise the folder with my new export and the folder on the server.

It’s a lot of steps just to - say - add one tour date.

There must be a better way. But which?

Thanks again for your help!


There’s no need to delete the exported site.
Just work on your project, make changes and export it to the same folder. (except you wanna save the old project before you changed it)
Cyberduck is OK but there are better tools for sync.
I use ChronoSync. It’s a sync-tool as well as a backup app etc.
The developer promises live time upgrades. I#m using it for years and payed only once. And it has a trial version.
Have a look:

Hi Bootsie,

thanks a lot, I’ll give ChronoSync a try. It would be nice to publish changes directly from Blocs like it was possible with iWeb. Maybe one day …