Website Redesign AVJ

Hey, I did redesign the website of AVJ. Hope you like it. All comments are welcome.

little thing in the contact form … the rest is in German … and when you go to “impressum” and then back to “Neuwagen” for example … you were always on the top of the page … Why you do not the “Impressum” site switch off the top global area and do only a button “back to homepage” or something like this …
Nice Website !

thanks @tom2. I fixed the points.

Hello, the website looks good, looks tidy. What do you think of using a sticky menu? Question: Where did you get the contact form with the confirmation button. I am looking for such a form.

Hallo, die website sieht gut aus, wirkt aufgeräumt. Was hältst Du von der Verwendung eines Sticky Menues? Frage: Woher hast Du das Kontaktformular mit dem Bestätigunhsbutton. Ich bin auf der Suche nach so einem Formular.

Hi @lupa
the contact form is inside blocs app …


Hello Tom2,
OK! Many thanks for your response. I am not yet very experienced in dealing with blocs. I still have to work out every detail.
Thank you so much.


Hi @lupa
your welcome :blush: