Website using blocs


Hi guys, currently awaiting client to get an SSL certificate but site I have created my first blocs site with Hype implemented, it does need some fine tuning but its getting there



Nice job!!!


Very nice.
Is your feedback bloc a carousel with ‘H’ and ‘p’ text only?


Yes that is correct with a blang.png set @ 470px deep (may want to tweak as it gets a little floaty in some views) but still plenty to do on this site to tidy


Having the same trouble.
I’d love someone to make a text slider.
I’m trying to set a Masterslider plugin towards the bottom of my site, but it takes a lot of post export editing at first.
My Site


Yes, though Im sure someone will make something on the new blocs store, currently re-vamping my company website also, so will post up that to