What about a "export to PWA"?


I love Blocs as a web builder but it just makes websites.
Blocs is cool and easy to build a website. What about adding the option to export to a Progressive Web App?
How difficult or easy could be for the Blocs team to come up with that? could it be an amazing innovative idea?


Hello @vmcv

I try a few weeks ago this site, and works with the exported site from blocs.


Of corse in the end, it will create a Web-next-steps.md file that explains what to add in the Code in your website.


A PWA is completely different from the architecture of Blocs.


This is a simple article of how to turn your website in PWA. I’m not a programmer so at this moment I have no clue. Anyways, it’s just an idea, suggestion, wish that Blocs in the future could create-export to PWA, PWA is the future, all big companies are pushing for this and since more than 70% of web visitors come from mobile devices companies decided to create PWA for better performance and accessibility.


Maybe the article “How to Develop PWA: All You Need To Know Before Creating a Progressive Web App” by Cleveroad will help you? Here’s a scheme of how PWA works: