What are your export settings?

Hello everyone, just getting a general thought as to what your export settings are? What do you check, what’s left unchecked etc.
Clean page URLS is a must for me because of Volt Blog, as for the rest - really not sure that they make much difference to me, and I hear Lazy Load is probably dying a bath because of being built into browsers.
So your thoughts? Here are my settings for the last project I did.

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I disable Cache Burst on final builds… well if I remember. Often I quick export :grin:

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I don’t minify html or CSS during development in case any troubleshooting is needed. These are enabled on final export though.

Under miscellaneous I do not enable lazy load, though I shall test this again under Bootstrap 5, since I gather it has been updated and may be improved. For sitemaps I tend to use an app called Scrutiny, though the sitemaps produced by Blocs are much improved with version 4. Cleans urls are always enabled.

Cache bust CSS and JS are more or less essential during development, however this should be disabled for the final site when it goes live for improved performance.


that’s a very good hint. Thanks a lot!

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Thanks everyone, good info.

Thanks, wasted today 2 hours due to minify. :grimacing:

Great topic, thank you!

What are the differences between Quick and Standhard?
Any documentation?

I had a lot of problems with my Cookie Consent script from Daschmi’s Notizblog. After more than a full day trying to get it to work, I finally discovered I had to turn off the minifying options during export. I haven’t yet narrowed it down to which minify was causing the issue (main.css, JQuery, etc), but I just turn them all off to be sure.

You can set preference to export location and your default export settings (i.e minify cs/js etc) so rather than export and go through the options again it will just export to your specified settings and location.

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Pete, why do you disable Bust Mode?

Because it’s just used during development. It forces the CSS and JS to be reloaded.

Check out the Blocs documentation.

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