What classes are available

I recently wanted to change the styling of the menu bar, but couldn’t work it out.
Eldar helpfully showed me that it was the navbar-nav li a class that I had to change.

My question is, how do you know that these classes exist at all? Am I missing a big list somewhere of all the classes available to use in my projects?



You can have a look at this link: https://hackerthemes.com/bootstrap-cheatsheet/

I hope it is what you are looking for

Now that we have categories in the class manager it would be so useful if these were listed by default in the appropriate areas.

I would also like to see some class names blocked by default from use in the custom class window if the names interfere with those core classes. I have been caught out by this in the past when creating custom classes with names like card-body, not realising it will then affect every card in the project, even though no custom class has been specifically added.


+1 Yes something like this happened to me too. :+1:

Maybe a note pops up saying it’s a bootstrap class and not a self defined one.

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