What do we need added in Blocs 2.4?

Work on Blocs 2.4 is well underway and has been for a number of months. It will bring a number of new features I know you won’t be able to live without once you have them.

I know some of you have huge lists of features you want added, but I’d like to start a discussion to talk about what bare essentials are still missing.

So, if you had to choose just 3 bare essential features Blocs currently lacks, what would they be?

Some may already be in progress, some may be in the pipeline for version 3.


Based on previous suggestions and answers outlining what’s already in the pipeline, my top 3 are:

  1. User breakpoints with column stack control.
  2. A way to add custom CSS within Blocs so that the CSS is part of the blocs file and can be viewed and edited within Blocs. This could be down in a similar way to how HTML is added currently. Doesn’t need any auto code reduction that lots of Apps use, because this can be more intrusive than helpful sometimes.
  3. Saving of User Blocs within the Blocs file, that can be accessed as Blocs. I would really like to build my own layouts and save them for reuse.

For me, its all about (on a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (would be nice));
3. The image/gallery control (I currently add Juicebox script). This isn’t a big issue for me tho.
4. Better representation of the site in preview.
4. I struggle to understand the custom class sub classes, so a ‘tool tip’ type description would be good.

But I always bear in mind that I now have a fast, modern, (for me) complex and well structured site, that is easily editable even though I’m a cabinet maker, not a site builder. I also get drawn into learning a little coding with forum help. I treat it as a computer game, hey it’s fun!
Keep up the good work.


Support of bootstrap 4 :heart_eyes:

1.) Expanded form support:
  a. Required setting for popups and radio groups.
  b. Custom landing pages.
  c. Hidden Fields
  d. Direct entry of form Action/Method.

2.) Text Mode for custom class editing.

3.) Folder hierarchy support, including reordering pages in navigator mode.
  1. Being able to add pdf. files in to the asset manager. Would be nice to just create a link and have Blocs add the pdf file and upload the file like a image.
  2. Better menu support. Videos, showing how to change menus. (style,backgrounds, drop downs) I know most of this is already there be just showing the correct way to use these menu classes would clear up a lot of confusion.
  3. Forms, hidden fields and built in Captcha.

Allow us to take existing elements, such as a Bloc layout or even entire pages and quickly duplicate them elsewhere, much like webdeersign suggested. Also a central library of custom classes that can be shared across projects would be very cool. I’ll add another vote for improved previews.

  1. Different menu systems for desktop with different kind of buttons
  2. Website in a frame with easy background image selection

and i’m happy!

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Is there any documentation about those menu styles backgrounds ??

There is some documentation but its really in general terms. If you search the forums you will find some more information. @norm has tried hard to improve the menus in Blocs and to his defense it’s a complicated programming issue. It has improved greatly as Blocs has evolved but there is a lot of gray area for someone that really is not a programmer. I’d really like to see a really good tutorial (video) on styling using the default menus. @Eldar has put some really helpful youtube videos on Blocs but one is really needed for the different menus.


I would like to see a ‘touchable’ lightbox
when your on a mobile device that you can click to open the lightbox (in full screen of your device) and then ‘swipe/flick’ to the other pictures.
I notice this when I showed a project to a client and they clicked a picture and always make the swipe movement ON the touchscreen.

there are a few scripts doing this,
try to see this link on your mobile device



is there a link to Eldars videos please?

Just search Eldar on YouTube and you’ll find them.


  • local webfont support (woff)
  • touchable lightbox
  • social media share buttons (pinterest …)

I would add: required attribute for checkbox.

Many thanks. Laurent

As checkboxes are a simple yes/no option (i.e. not part if a group), what purpose would it serve to require them to be checked?

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it’s good to see multi language ver. of Blocs such as Arabic
and I’m happy to help with translate the lang file :slight_smile:

  • supporting full of RTL blocs.

e.g. in need of accepting data law regulation.

I guess you’ll all tell me this can be done already, but I would love to be able to create symbols for the nav bar instead of words. So if it is not possible in versions so far I’d like that!

Pattern overlays for low quality background videos like here: http://html5backgroundvideos.com/pattern-overlays/