What do we need added in Blocs 2.4?

@casey1823 Thanks for kind words about the videos. I have decided to put more time and effort into making better videos about Blocs. I will try to upload to YouTube every week, or when I get a video request.

I didn’t want to talk about it before it’s done, but I have also started to work on complete video courses on how I use Blocs to build websites / templates. I plan to release the Getting started course by the end of Feb / beginning of March, and the complete / advanced course by the end of March / beginning of April. :slight_smile:

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@Eldar that would be so helpful to the community. I’ve already used your video on visibility in one of my current projects. It’s really a cool option to show / hide elements.


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For example when it is mandatory to accept or validate legal terms.

Could you not just do that yourself on and over the actual video?

Accordion blocs to set FAQs.

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A really simple, but to me obvious feature would be names for individual blocs. I’m not talking about the bloc ID, but rather simple descriptive names when accessing the different blocs. Then when selected that name should be visible in the side panel.

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I don’t understand… why can’t you create simple descriptive names using the ID field?

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I’m talking about standard names so that we can easily identify them and they remain the same for every project. When I use Rapidweaver every stack has a name, so if I talk about grummage for example everybody knows what I am talking about.

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Custom CSS would be useful, I want to add in ‘background-attachment: fixed’ so that an image remains static while scrolling vertically.


custom CSS

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Another vote for custom CSS

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Can you quantify those “number of new features” even if vaguely described in the simplest of terms, so we don’t exhaust our suggested 3 feature requests in vain. Also, what is the time frame or cutoff to dwindle down to a mere 3 and submit these by ? :wink:

@Blocs_User no rush, Im just interested in what folks think are the top 3 things Blocs currently lacks that should really be there.

I don’t like to confirm features, I have competition you know :wink:

No, but seriously I don’t confirm anything because I would then be expected to deliver and sometimes some things take a little longer to bake.

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Absolute and Relative position in the Class window would be cool too
That and custom CSS enables a few things that can’t be done atm, eg: turn entire divs into linkable areas etc.
Also more Centering options would be good. I find it very hard to make most things stay in the center of the page in Blocs.
( But I’m new at Blocs only had it a few days! )

[edit] I’ll clarify my comment a bit in case it’s a buglet, it’s the tablet width that often seems to push rows/contents off center, normally full page and phone width are ok.

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I mentioned this once before, but I would really like to see an option for a different URL structure, so that each page would be an index file within a page folder. At that point we could have URLs that are more friendly for marketing.

With blocs we currently have something like example.com/offer.html but with the other method you could promote a link as example.com/offer. It’s just tidier looking.


I have migrated sites with a number of hierarchical URLs that are published on the web… for now, a folder with a blank page with nothing but an immediate redirect works pretty well.

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Sure I can see that working, but it’s effectively a redirect that shouldn’t be needed. It’s just feels very limited at present if I can’t give customers the precise URL they want. They won’t understand the reasons why it isn’t possible.

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Greetings! I’m a new registered user of Blocs.app. First, huge thanks to the developer of this app (I guess your name is Norm?) for creating this app! It’s fun to use, it’s beautiful to look at, and it’s already saving me so much time and brain power. :slight_smile:

In light of finding this discussion thread, I would like to pitch in a request as well, if you don’t mind. In Drop Mode, I think it might work a little better if the entire collection is displayed on the left side, scrollable and arrangeable. That way, I can just drag and rearrange to have the top 8 items in the upper part of the list view and simply scroll down quickly if I don’t see a desired item at the top area. Does it make sense?

Again, thank you for all the hard work you are putting into this app. Have a great day!


It does. Have to say that I too am not fond with this part of the current interface, especially the new contextual slot menus which I don’t really understand. Seems to me they would be a lot more useful if they assigned brics to the slot rather than displaying what brics are in all slots.

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  1. save custom blocs (for often use)
  2. different css for mobile and tablet
  3. lightbox interaction possibility at any kind of link (icons/buttons/text…)