What do you think?

Hello everyone, I am putting together a page with the app (blocs). It’s not the final page I just want to know your opinions :slight_smile:

Link: http://huella.mx/indexa2.html


This is great! Check this out @Eldar :blush: Good job!



It looks great indeed! Love the bright colors!
I am sure @mackyangeles loves the colors as well! :slight_smile:

The only thing I would suggest is to rebuild the social icons manually, because right now they look odd on mobile devices.

Looking forward to checking the final version!


I admire your work a lot, and your comments motivate :slight_smile:

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I really like it, but … …it would benefit from some partiitioning of the rows - you have a lot of elements set in a sea of white and I think using the alternating rows background colour techniques would improve the usability and visual aesthetic.

Great job.

[ Not a criticism of you, but on my Mac the menu bar suddenly appears on scroll and really we’d all like to see that as a smooth scroll. Norm? ]

:slight_smile: thanks @Eldar, I would like to achieve something like this how is it done? (social icons) http://blocstemplates.com/demo/lawyer/m/ Good work!

I will try to slow down the movement :wink: